Volume 08 Issue # 37 { May 02 to May 08 2013 }
Your Views

Why gender inequality?

ONE of the main issues of Pakistan is gender inequality. It refers to the unequal treatment of women on the basis of social, biological and anatomical factors.
It is beyond human control to give birth to males only. Why does the birth of females have to be an unacceptable part of our society?
Cultural stereotypes are engraved within both males and females. This is the reason behind gender inequality and unrest related to it. Women are generally viewed as delicate, caring and nurturing and meant for skillful occupations while men are viewed as breadwinners so jobs held by males are economically valued.
Income disparities among males and females are also recognizable, as equally qualified males are paid twice more than females having the same skills.
Women should be shown kindness and provided love, care and devotion to make this world a better place.
Ayesha Latif

Politicians and judiciary

AN unfortunate proclivity has developed amongst some of our political leaders to make unguarded remarks about the higher judiciary, when court findings do not conform to their wishes.
Sometimes trolls sympathetic to a political party criticize judges on the social media.
The interior minister’s press conference against the findings of a judicial commission, formed by the Supreme Court on the recent Quetta carnage, seems to show this trend.
The judicial commission’s findings may not have the same finality of a judicial verdict, but it has to be accepted with great respect and solemnity. The interior minister’s aggressive handling of the judicial report at his press conference left much to be desired.
The Supreme Court is the last resort of justice in our country. If our political leaders and senior government ministers resort to debunking the findings of supreme court judges, then this does not augur well for the independence of the higher judiciary and people’s faith in it.
Akbar Jan Marwat

Pakistani infant donor

THIS is apropos the news item, “Pakistani infant becomes youngest marrow donor in India” in Bengaluru.
Recently Indian doctors successfully transplanted the marrow of a Pakistani infant, Rayan, into his sister, Zeenia. Hats off to the doctors for their achievement!
By doing so, the doctors are also building bridges between the two countries. Doctors, artistes, academicians, journalists and common citizens are doing their best to bring the people of both countries closer.
Dr. Mehtab Ali Shah

First Test

BEFORE our team landed in Australia, one of their players sarcastically said it is Australia, not Dubai.
This made me shudder and fearful about our team’s performance in a country where playing and environmental conditions were abnormal.
In the first innings the fears came through when Australia scored 490. It was expected that Pakistan would lose the match by a huge margin, justifying the arrogant claims of the Australian player.
The start was such that reinforced the fears of another collapse of our batting. However, Pakistan fought back with style.
So much so that Australia genuinely was pushed back at one stage and all the commentators and experts were contemplating the unthinkable, that is, a Pakistani victory.
We lost the match in the end, but we went down fighting, which has not only bolstered our team’s shattered confidence, but also sent a clear signal to the Aussies not to take our team for granted. There is room for improvement and we should learn from our mistakes.
Raja Shafaatullah

NRSP role in Turbat

I WOULD like to appreciate the National Role Support Programme (NRSP) for its various activities like combating poverty and empowering women.
The NRSP has built several shops for women, guided them about technical education and gave them sewing machines.
Moreover, when the flood in 2007damaged the locally dug-up wells, the NSRP provided water to the affected areas through water tankers. It has also set up a hydrant to overcome the water shortage in the area. Jobless youths are being given vehicles and farmers are receiving free guidelines about modern agriculture.
I hope the NRSP is able to continue its good work to help people.
Jalib Niaz

PIA’s “sacrifice

THIS refers to the news item about a goat sacrificed by PIA staff before the flight of an ATR-42 aircraft at Islamabad airport (December 19). ATR-42s do not fly on goat’s blood but by high standards of maintenance which comes through hard work and perseverance.
PIA must come out of this mindset as machines fly on fuel, nuts and bolts. Our national carrier should sacrifice its greed, dishonesty and lethargy rather than goats.
Khayyam Durrani

Regulatory bodies

PRIME Minister Nawaz Sharif has, using his discretionary power, curbed the independent working of regulatory bodies by ordering them to function under federal ministers and federal secretaries.
Why has the prime minister taken an anti-consumer decision? Who advised him? Why is Pemra, the monitoring and controlling authority for TV channels, not transferred to the ministry of information, a useless ministry wasting public money and projecting government propaganda?
It is no more a secret that corrupt and inefficient leaders under the influence of false beliefs make bad decisions in the name of democracy.
S. T. Hussain

Compensation not paid
ON August 8, at Quetta, a terrorist attack killed many lawyers and other people. Besides, 29 people were badly injured.
All the critically injured people were sent to the Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi. The expenditure for their treatment was later paid by the Sindh government. The Balochistan government also announced compensation worth Rs10m million for the dead and Rs5m for the injured. However, the compensation money has yet to be paid. My suggestions about the issue are as follows:

  1. First, all the compensation amount must be paid to the next kith or kin without any delay through a commission.
  2. In order to decide the compensation amount required to be paid to the injured, a commission headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should be set up. It should have at least one medical specialist from the Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi, along with a representative from the Balochistan Bar Council.
  3. The commission should make recommendations for compensation claims to the injured, keeping in view the report of the Combined Military Hospital, Quetta, and the Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi.
  4. The compensation amount should be paid through a committee.

Najeebullah Mandokhel

Filtration plants

A FEW years ago, some water filtration plants were upgraded, but it seems no one was given responsibility for maintenance.
Now if you visit these plants, you will either find them out of order or water will not be available. I am here not talking about the standard of water, or the cleanliness of the place, which is another subject.
If this is the situation in the capital of Pakistan one wonders what the situation in the rest of the country would be.
Furrukh Zia