US threats to Iran

The United States (US) has imposed the “toughest ever” sanctions on Iran and deployed an ...

PTI’s amnesty scheme

The PTI government’s tax amnesty scheme has elicited mixed reactions from the business community. While ...

UN report on biodiversity: an eye opener

A new UN report on biodiversity makes startling reading. It paints a grim picture of ...


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In a life filled with meaning and accom-plishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of ...
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Big Sky

Jackson Brodie has relocated to a quiet sea-side village, in the occasional company of his ...
Book ReviewLifestyle

Talking to Strangers

Beginning with a short philosophical medita-tion written when he was twenty and conclud-ing with nine ...

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You Views

University cricket

THE first-ever University Sports League (USL) initiated recently by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government is ...
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Judicial backlog

We are already suffering from a massive backlog of pending cases, and the Chief Justice ...
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Christchurch mosque attack

Since the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand that claimed the lives of ...