Book ReviewVolume 13 Issue # 24

A Time of Madness

During the chaos of partition in 1947, something dreadful happened in the


city of Jalandhar in Punjab.


As a result of this, Salman Rashid’s family fled Jalandhar for Pakistan, the newly created country across the bor- der. They were among the nearly two million people uprooted from their homes in the greatest transmigration in history.

Besides those who fled, other mem- bers of the family became part of a grimmer  statistic:  They  featured among the more than one million un- fortunate souls who paid with their lives for the division of India and cre-ation of Pakistan.

After living in the shadow of his family’s tragedy for decades, in 2008, Rashid made the journey back to his ancestral village to uncover the truth. A time of madness tells the story of what he discovered with great poignancy and grace. It is a tale of unspeakable brutality but it is also a testament to the uniquely human traits of forgiveness, redemption and the resilience of the human spirit.