You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 13

Afghan stand

AFGHAN President Ashraf Ghani once again accused Pakistan, in a televised address to his nation, of abetting the insurgent Taliban against his country.This is not the first time he has accused Pakistan of carrying out terror attacks on Afghan soil. After every attack in Afghanistan, the high-ups of that country raise fingers at Pakistan without any rhyme or reason.

Pakistan, justifiably, doesn’t want to see the growing Indian leverage in Afghanistan which could, undoubtedly, undermine the security interests of the country.

The death of about 130 people in Kabul over the past week caused a great pain not only to Afghans but also to Pakistanis who share the same religious beliefs, sentiments, common objectives, culture and civilisation with their Afghan brethren.

Yet it is sad to see that the Afghan government always blames Pakistan.

We have suffered as much as has Afghanistan in the war on terror and, therefore, it is unjustified to hold Pakistan responsible for these explosions which emanates mostly from lapses of the Afghan security personnel.

It is time Afghanistan stopped hurling unfounded and unwarranted accusations at Pakistan for its own failure to maintain law and order in the country.

Naqeeb Hussain