You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 11

Gorakh hill road

GORAKH hill station is a tourist place and the highest peak of Sindh in Dadu district. Tourists from different parts of the country visit this place. But lack of facilities causes problems for the tourists.

The biggest problem is the poor condition of the road. Only four-wheel drive jeeps can run on this road. There is a steep and curved point on this road called as Khawar Lak. This point is very dangerous because this road is uneven and there are hills from one side of the road while steep drops on the other.

It is very difficult for the drivers to control their vehicles at this point. Several tourists have had accidents. Recently, on December 25, some tourists from Karachi had a fatal accident on this road. One of the tourists lost his life, while others were severely injured.

The authorities concerned have been reminded time and again about the poor condition of the road and other missing facilities, but all in vain.

Riaz Ahmed