You ViewsVolume 14 Issue # 01

LPG hazard

Liquefied petroleum gas is produced in Balochistan, yet Turbat, Gawadar, Pasni, etc., are deprived of it. People in these regions travel 840 miles to Iran to fetch LPG in tiny cylinders.

In Turbat city, there are several small stores which deal with LPG in crowded public places. Shopkeepers refill thousands of cylinders without caution and they know the LPG containers are in a poor state and may explode anytime.

Recently, many of these LPG stores were demolished in Turbat and reconstructed under a project launched by former Balochistan chief minister Dr. Abdul Malik. However, the contractor along with the administration did not finish the project. Now these stores are constructed in the heart of the city.

A few days ago, a big cylinder exploded in one of these LPG stores which injured several people and five lives were lost. The authorities concerned should not wait for another tragedy and immediately shift these LPG stores away from public zones.

Tehzeeb Yousuf Baloch