You ViewsVOLUME 15 ISSUE # 17

School fee

My children attend a private educational institution’s campus located in Block 13-D, Gulshan-i-Iqbal. The school management has asked parents to come to the school to collect fee challans, go to the bank with the challan and pay the fee and come back to the school with the payment receipt to collect students’ homework for the school break. The last date for the fee submission was April 13.

Owing to the lockdown in the province, many bank branches were closed. There was no public transport on roads and it was too difficult for people without personal transport to go to the school twice and submit the fee in a particular bank branch, which is overly crowded these days owing to lesser working hours.

When I and other parents insisted on paying the fee online — a practice many private schools have adopted — the school management refused to budge on. By refusing to accept online payment, the school management is not only causing great inconvenience to parents, but also risking the health of the people. The authorities concerned should take the school management to task.

Nauman Ahmed