You ViewsVOLUME 15 ISSUE # 24

Teaching religion

A recent article urges readers to visualise a scenario after the Islamisation of curricula and our education system. I am a teacher and I have observed that the morning assembly at public schools has already been — pardon the expression —‘Islamised’.

The recitation of Quranic verses, Naats and Islamic tenets is mandatory. At some schools students are even asked daily to raise their hands to confirm whether they offered the five obligatory prayers or not. This display often causes discomfort among the minority students who stand embarrassed. It is therefore natural that minority students would be uninterested in morning assembly proceedings. Some of the more sensitive minority students deliberately reach school late to avoid assembly and get punished by school managements for being late. This is an insensitive behaviour on the part of school managements. The federal and provincial governments should look into the issue. If we want to ensure Pakistan as a progressive nation-state then the minorities will have to be given the respect and status that is their due. I hope that my views are not taken out of context and labelled as the ranting of a liberal. I have only written what I have observed as a teacher.

Muhammad Nadeem Nadir