The Imran Khan legend which has propelled himself to the Prime Minister-ship of Pakistan is a huge success story with years of pain-taking and relentless effort.


This has caused the fear amongst his detractors who are preparing to defend themselves against the charges of corruption assiduously gathered by the government agencies. The noose is growing tighter around the PML-N /PPP cronies.


One is watching the anti-Imran Khan clouds gathering. Imran’s strength has been his indefatigable resolve which has brought him so far and into the driving seat coupled with an honest purpose to combat the unfortunate ascendance of crime and the complete breakdown of the law at all levels in Pakistan. No one in Pakistan has been or being tried or punished for crimes of corruption. This has allowed the politicians to amass huge fortunes of illicit money, lands, which they then use to further their nefarious activities leading to more power and more corruption. They are pledged to damage Imran’s policies at best. The dual purpose is also to protect themselves against the prosecution which is looming ahead of the corrupt and will surely succeed soon. Meanwhile, anti-Imran voices grow more shrill by the day with Imran Khan watching the agencies to see that the job is properly done, and the necessary punishments meted out.


In 70 years, no politician has been prosecuted successfully leading to a growth of powerful forces that are in control of the most important bodies in government. This allows them control of prosecution, the courts and manipulation of the laws as they deem fit. These laws are the mainstay of a government, without which no country can progress.


The most dangerous threat to Imran is the failure of a successful prosecution with two aspects. One, the constant carping by the PML-N Nawaz Sharif that they do not have sufficient evidence to successfully prosecute him. In the words of Gobelles the Nazi Minister of Information who stated that “If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”. Nawaz Sharif has used this repetition in his favour and the press is using the same arguments to question the validity of the proof against Nawaz. Nazi Germany is a far cry from the Punjab of Pakistan of today but the Gobelles logic is taking hold and the media is using these grounds to challenge the Nawaz prosecutors. Repeated often enough Nawaz supporters keep raising the question of infallibility and are querying every charge against Nawaz.


Zardari, the erstwhile Mr. 10%, has indeed caused damage equal to, if not more than, the Sharif’s. Both Zardari and Nawaz have succeeded in playing “the your, turn my turn,” milking the Pakistani lives and laws and both of them present a double danger to the state and criminal acts against Pakistan.


Both are claiming their success of having survived 30 years in power without positive prosecution. Luckily for Pakistan the Supreme Court has found Nawaz guilty and has sentenced him to ten years imprisonment and disqualification from politics for life. This is not enough. While spending his time in air-conditioned comfort is itself a travesty. He must be made to feel the pain of a real prison. The excuse that he served three terms as a Prime Minister of Pakistan does not surely entitle him to any such relief. On the contrary, he must be punished for debasing the office he was elected to and for breaking the oath of office that he took to uphold the Constitution of Pakistan. His refusal to answer questions in a full assembly showed his contempt to his fellow law makers and to the Constitution of Pakistan.


We Pakistanis are an endangered species if the likes of Zardari and Nawaz are allowed to continue ruling. They have brought us close to a financial collapse, but for the grace of God Pakistan could have been destroyed but it seems the powerful Nawaz Zardari forces are a formidable obstacle to the finalization of the charges and successful prosecution. Both Nawaz and Zardari realize the end game is nigh. They will be desperate to launch more attacks against Imran. The army should take note of this growing danger and Imran should be cautioned on the threats to his person. The stakes are very high with Zardari and Nawaz being cast into the political wilderness and being hounded through the streets of Pakistan or in their jail cells reverberating with echoes of “Chor, Chor”. Imran Khan will do Pakistan a huge service by eliminating this cancer from our society to cleanse Pakistan of these criminals.