You ViewsVOLUME 18 ISSUE # 44

Blackmail of traffic police

Our ‘vigilant’ traffic police apply every ‘novel idea’ to stop and harass law-abiding citizens in the middle of roads at different points around the city, especially near roundabouts and link roads, where the drivers have almost no chance to escape the blackmail of traffic police personnel.

Although it is good to check and verify the driving licence and ownership documents of motor vehicles, the purpose seems to be the opposite as the traffic policemen could be seen standing in groups at different points, stopping the vehicles for different reasons. When stopped by these policemen in the middle of a traffic jam, some drivers manage to escape, while others are left at the mercy of these officials.

Apparently, drivers are stopped for tinted glasses, fancy number plates, checking original documents, etc. However, some fall victim to the traffic police despite having all documents and verified licence, and they are ordered to pay an e-challan. In such a situation, citizens are left with no choice but to compromise with the police officials who offer to ‘reduce’ the challan amount. Once the citizens pay the amount, they get to know the real reason why they were stopped in the first place.

The traffic police should facilitate the law-abiding citizens and must check the validity of the licence, which can be done easily through an online portal. At the same time, citizens must cooperate with the traffic police and stop. However, traffic police need to follow some guidelines for checking vehicle drivers. The Excise and Taxation Department must issue the number plates of previous years to all citizens as the new number plates with an ajrak pattern need to be issued on an urgent basis. The relevant authorities must take action against traffic officials who try to harass the law-abiding citizens for no valid reason.

Hassan Abbasi