InternationalVOLUME 15 ISSUE # 02

Gandhi’s philosophy trashed by Modi


Gandhi’s philosophy trashed by Modi

Fakir S. Ayazuddin

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indeed done well to buttress his political future with such a large following that he has translated into his electoral victory.


However, the numbers no matter how large cannot allow a fascist dictatorship to emerge in what is a peaceful region. Aggressive warmongering does not sit well with a nation whose blood is infused with generations of peaceful coexistence, which has been their mantra for generations.


Peaceful resistance, a concept coined by Mahatma Gandhi and successfully spread through the region managing to convert human hawks, like Nehru, eventually to make peaceful cooperation a significant ideal to the accepted worldwide. The success of his philosophy of peaceful coexistence was the saffron wave that swept the world. Now, bringing about a bloody Hindu philosophy maybe extremely difficult to replace the peace and love of generations. It is the culmination of Gandhi’s determination to apply Hindu principles of love and peace, which had been the hallmark of Lord Krishna and his disciples, of conquering the world through peace and love. He propagated it, and the world followed. Gandhi had already been through the other forms of political endeavors. He had been an active functionary of the apartheid government in South Africa, enforcing some of the harsh policies of the government. The separate rest rooms of South Africa are testaments to Gandhi’s ruthless application of the apartheid laws. However, he saw the errors of the policies and eventually decided that peaceful coexistence was the right way to go.


The Peacenik and flower power of the 60s was strong enough to defeat the Russians and American bullies into a peaceful rebuttal and eventually defeating and dismantling of the nuclear policies which were the hallmark of the policies enforced throughout the world in the 60s. The Peacenik revolution of the 60s crushed the fascism of the aggressive nation and images are still vivid of soldiers marching through the streets of Germany with American teenagers putting flowers into their barrels of the guns the soldiers were carrying. These are images that will forever burn brightly in the memories of the world. They are the stamp of victory of the Gandhian philosophy of peace that successfully conquered the west.

Narendra Modi has been carried away by the euphoria of his victory, and has decided (possibly foolishly) that he is now ready to take on Kashmir and or Pakistan as his next meal. Modi does not realize that Pakistan is not that easy a prey, and is a formidable adversary under normal circumstances, but in a fight against India the whole nation is unified and will fight to the last man. Pakistan does not have a large Mukti Bahini population within its borders to contend with this time. Today, India is faced with multiple threats, within and without. The Kashmiris are in open revolt. The Sikhs have for long been complaining of deprivation at the hands of the Hindu domination. With the Indian move on Kashmir, the Sikhs may fear a similar threat to their own identity and could be the next target of Indian hegemony.


The Indians maybe underestimating the free spirit of the Sikhs, who have never been subjugated by the Hindus. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh successfully carved out his empire from amongst his prominent Hindus princely states. Eventually handed over to the British in 1850, when Maharaja Ranjeet Singh passed away, he was never defeated. His successes were legion, including the conquest of Afghanistan, which is never been repeated since. Modi faces a different world order, flanked by Pakistan on one side and China on the other. Both have been on notice as targets for creeping Indian opportunism under the jostling for economic benefits in world trade and industry. The Indians have not been able to compete with the Chinese superiority in size and latest technology. While the Indians have an edge for high positions in the Silicon Valley companies, the Chinese are not far behind, probably much greater in numbers.


Militarily, the Chinese are to be feared by the Indians, or anyone else for that matter. Viewing their last National Day parade was an eye opener. Their wave upon wave of regimented soldiers marching in precision would have made any one applaud in appreciation, so good and perfect were they in their performance. The Indian army looks like a bedraggled collection of disjointed raga muffins certainly not to be feared on a battlefield. The Pakistan Army is far better and certainly more proficient than the Indians. As a defensive force they can easily face any threat that the Indians are capable of mounting. Our Air Force has already shown its capability in the Pulwama attack, when they downed two Indian aircraft, one which was piloted by an Israeli, and is still in Pakistan’s custody.


For Narendra Modi now to try to reverse the Gandhian philosophy of peaceful cooperation into an aggressive stance after decades of success, promoting peaceful harmony worldwide is an attempt to make a mockery of all those peaceful beliefs so successfully spread worldwide by Gandhi and his followers that did indeed cast the Indian philosophy of passive fit till it became and accepted a religious form moving from the earlier cult into a wave of universal acceptance.

The hippie generation cannot be forgotten or reversed in such a short time. Worse, the replacement of gentle, peaceful Beatnik cannot be made by a ruthless, murderous and fascist, whose bloodthirsty rampage over poor Muslim minorities will not be easy for the Hindus to infuse. Peaceful coexistence cannot be rejected and reversed so quickly. The Gandhian philosophy of peace took 50 years to succeed and Narendra Modi certainly is not powerful enough to reject the philosophy of the Hindu religion. Gandhi was revered as a political leader for generations of Hindus throughout the world. This philosophy of concentrating on business was successful as the Hindus have emerged as a force in business and industry worldwide.

Narendra Modi may not be able to supplant the thousands of years of Hindu peaceful harmony in such a short period. The spread of love and peace advocated by Lord Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi so successfully over 3,000 years and the millions of followers that propagate the message of love will not be easy to dislodge and certainly not bring about the change to heartless, ruthless, reversal to murder and mayhem.

The love and peace formula is now a well established part of the philosophy of the west. In academic circles of both philosophy and religion, these are extremely powerful sections in the west. People, like Modi and Netanyahu, will be dismissed and rejected as mental pigmies.