You ViewsVOLUME 18 ISSUE # 37

Gas meter ban

Pakistan has been grappling with the energy crisis for some time now, and, unfortunately, the situation is expected to deteriorate further before any improvement can be seen. Even then, the continuing ban on installing new natural gas meters is highly frustrating and unfair.

With this ban persisting for over two years now, numerous households are left with no alternative, but to rely on expensive and potentially hazardous LPG cylinders. Conversely, there are certain households that have multiple meters installed. A more equitable and effective solution would be to restrict the number of meters to one per household and ensure that every household is provided with its rightful quota. Regrettably, I have little hope that the authorities will address this issue unless some form of ‘protest’ is organised, as this seems to be the only way of capturing their attention in recent years.

Muhammad Bin Khalid