InternationalVOLUME 15 ISSUE # 16

Modi’s message!

It is so obvious that Hamid Karzai, the ex-President of Afghanistan, came to visit former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his London flats, bearing a message from his ally, Narendra Modi, the butcher of Muslims in Gujarat and now India.

The poor Kashmiris are an example of a tortured nation of 12.5 million people suffering the longest curfew in the world. The lockdown imposed by the Indian government in occupied Kashmir on August 5, 2019, continues for over seven months now. With international pressure mounting to restore freedoms, the Indian authorities claim they have “eased” some restrictions, such as lifting roadblocks and restoring landlines and some mobile phone services. However, the situation for the Kashmiris is far from normal. God has, in His wisdom through the coronavirus, shown the world a curfew which is now being self-inflicted on most parts of the world, courtesy the coronavirus.

This punishment on the world is a fraction of what the Kashmiri Muslims are suffering on a daily basis. The expected lockdown in India and the dreadful hygiene of most Indians will cause a spread more devastating than that of any war. The evil that Modi wishes upon the Muslims of Kashmir and India is now a threat to his hallowed holy Hindus.

The untouchables are a caste condemned to a life of misery by an accident of birth. The imposition of their cruel fate held in place by the cruelty of self-seeking Brahmins retaining their supremacy over the other castes but namely exacerbating the plight of the poor untouchable who is beaten to death for drinking from a communal tap, is in itself against the law of nature.

In a jungle, all animals are allowed to share water from a communal pond. Thirsty lions can be seen drinking with deer, who are safe and unmolested. This is not just a miracle of nature but shows the power of thirst over hunger. The deer will quench its thirst and go its way unmolested. But in India, the untouchable can be beaten to death for touching the communal tap.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi now wants to spread this inequality throughout his country. The minorities of India will be crushed by Hindus, who are using their numbers by force. These numbers may be fallacious when the Hindus are confronted by the combination of the other minorities. The Muslims and Sikhs together are more than a match for the docile Hindus and will batter them on the streets.

Modi may have chosen the fight but unwisely, if the numbers are added up. The Sikhs, Muslims and Christians are all being lumped together by Modi, and this may be his undoing.

Modi has not factored in the power of the pen which is a powerful weapon that has been honed for hundreds of years, creating Nobel Prize winners, poets and writers adding to the glory of India.

These intellectuals, who cast a long shadow over the world, do not ascribe to the wishes of a cruel despot. They have already spoken out and added their weight against cruel Modi. It is a group whose power is well above its number by its achievements. Their position in the Fortune 500 companies is a testament to their prominence.

They will never jeopardise this position to the machinations of a cruel political charlatan whose designs are ubiquitous and fraught with ill-will toward others. This ill-will is an anathema and contrary to other religions which preach goodwill toward others. These are gentle folks and have always opposed cruelty in any form. They have always valued intellectual power over the sword and will continue to do so. Modi had certainly miscalculated.

It was a clear message from Hamid Karzai to appear at Avenfield House inquiring about the health of Nawaz Sharif and carrying a message from his partner, Modi. The message of support and the huge investment by Modi in Nawaz was so transparent and visible in the reaction of Shahbaz Sharif, who seems to shrivel into his Pink Panther look. Shahbaz wanted no part of this exchange, he wished it away.

The message from Modi carried by Karzai is a sure kiss of death which will not be lost on the PML-N stalwart, who sees himself abandoned by Nawaz Sharif. This is the death knell for Nawaz Sharif. It is now time for the establishment to speak out for Pakistan as the hypocrisy of the Sharifs has been exposed completely.

The Pakistan Army will do well to take notice of the nexus of Karzai, Modi and Sharif. Nawaz has painted himself into an anti-Pakistan corner, and should be dealt with accordingly.

The incredible luck of Prime Minister Imran Khan is equal by the stupidity of his opponent. The Karzai visit carrying the Modi message is the latest and could prove to be the most damaging, certainly the most foolish.