Your Royal Highness! I have been a great admirer of yours from the beginning when you appeared as the ‘Crown Prince’ of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since then, my admiration has grown with every achievement of yours in the world politics. Most notably was your success in dealing with the top businessmen of Saudi Arabia and how you have sequestered them into suites at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia. The most plush jail imaginable, with all manner of high-end menus, available at their request.

I understand, smoked Salmon and Caviar were on offer, at the same time, the detainees were asked to cooperate with the questions put to them. After three or four weeks the detainees coughed up $21 billion to the coffers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). These amounts would have remained out of the grass of the government. This was a remarkable achievement and all without a broken fingernail.

Your Highness, in Pakistan we are facing a similar crisis where our leadership has decamped with more than $30 billion from mostly government funds. Many of these amounts have been identified and pinpointed. What is needed here is your ‘Royal Touch’ as employed by you so effectively in your country. Here, we have a problem because our leader and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is attempting the impossible, ‘Making an omelet without breaking eggs’.

Recovering money from a thief without applying pressure is next to impossible. Similarly, to expect former Prime Minister Nawaz and ex-President Asif Ali Zardari to turn over the billions that they have stolen from the national kitty over the last 30 years, without a struggle, is wishing for the impossible.

As you have gathered from negotiating with your fellow Saudis, the threats given to achieve your results must have been severe and real. Otherwise, the results would have not possibly been achieved. Similarly, our leader Imran Khan is attempting to recover the stolen money from hardened criminals who have been manipulating the entire judiciary and the police of the whole country. They have managed to convince themselves that they were born to rule and almost succeeded in convincing the other Pakistanis that this was the fact. The two former rulers of Pakistan do not understand what they have done wrong for, to them, they own the whole country and its people!

To them, they were above the law, insisting that they are the law unto themselves. It is obvious that the Constitution of Pakistan is a hand maiden to be used as a convenience. For them the 220 million other Pakistanis do not matter.

They are mere rubber stamps to come forward every five years to vote, bringing the rulers in, for another term. After the exercise, they are not needed and are trashed. The mounting garbage dumps in Karachi are testament to this lack of responsibility to the people who voted them in. To the politicians this social contract i.e. good governance is not even considered. This scandalous behavior on the part of the politicians should be enough to warrant a revolution to remove this corrupt system and punish all these politicians. The revolution would have drastic overtones and would certainly lead to bloodshed- which may be necessary if the system is to be removed and replaced. This revolution seems necessary because the corruption disease is too deeply ingrained in the present political system.

All systems, righteous, religious, leftist and military have been tried and tested in this country and each one has failed in their own capacity, including the lukewarm Imran Khan mishmash. The failure of the entire system repeatedly proved through the manipulation of the judicial system which itself is in need of reform. Revolution is the only way, drastic but necessary. All the other systems have been tried and failed; this seems to be the only chance left for the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan should try the Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) system, which would include skinning alive, chopping finely, and knee caps drilling, while they scream in pain and the public gathers around to applaud and cheers the howls of anguish. This solution, devised by Mohammad bin Salman, may sound drastic to many in Pakistan, but it is the only way the message of terror to the Pakistani public will carry effectively. No Pakistani will ever dare in future to break the law and plunder national wealth, which otherwise could have been used for the welfare of the common man, if the same rule is applied to Pakistani politicians to recover money stashed abroad.

To MBS, Your Highness, a vote of thanks for showing us the right direction in our struggle to recover looted wealth of the nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only man who can apply these means, we wish him good luck.