Over the last decade, the N-word became unfashionable and was dropped from all discussions and was never used in public or TV debates because of the racism connotation which had by now become unacceptable. The N-word itself seemed to disappear from the lexicon and simply seemed to vanish.

The Chinese or the Modi misadventure in Ladakh, which has resulted in a forceful counterattack by the Chinese, gave a defeat to their Indian counterparts, which was embarrassing in its severity and its numbers. The humiliation suffered by the Indian army was apparent to all except the Indian media, which in the beginning was triumphant in its stories of victory by the Indian army. When the truth was exposed, the Indian media pressed for details but the numbers were quickly denied and the Indian government issued a suppression order, gagging the media from releasing information, which would cast an unfavourable light on the Indian humiliation.

India claimed its soldiers were mutilated after being beaten to death by Chinese forces in a clash that sparked fears of a war between the two nations. The Indian media also carried pictures allegedly showing the spiked weapons used in the brutal hand-to-hand brawl in the Himalayas. The brutality of the fight in the Galwan Valley is reportedly fueling fury in New Delhi as anger simmers between the nuclear-armed nations. Shocking details have emerged over the fight which allegedly happened when 55 Indian soldiers came across 300 Chinese troops on a mountain ridge. At least 20 Indian soldiers – including officer Bikumalla Santosh Babu – died in the fighting which took place hand-to-hand with improvised weapons. Bats spiked with nails and wrapped in barbed wire were reportedly used – with one Indian official describing the Chinese force as a “death squad”. It is unclear how many Chinese troops died in the fighting. No bullets were fired, with the two sides respecting a treaty that bars firearms within a mile of the Line of Actual Control – the de facto border between the nations. Later, talks were held to try and deescalate the situation which is the latest violent chapter in a decades-long border row. The violent deaths are the first fatalities in the feud since 1975, and the world is now watching with bated breath for the two sides to find peace.

Till the start of the Chinese campaign, the Indians had been crowing about their nuclear prowess and this nuclear threat was aimed primarily at Pakistan and the ability to wipe out Pakistan by this nuclear firestorm. Pakistan was forced to issue counter-threats where its own N-abilities were used to show how they would counter the Indian nuclear abilities. However, after China entered into the frame India has suddenly dropped the N-word from its harangue.

The Indian media and the Indian government stay silent on the use of its nuclear ability and threats to Pakistan or anyone else for that matter. Suddenly the N-word has been dropped from the Indian vocabulary. India has realised that the game has changed. It is no longer the regional superpower it once claimed to be. Its bullying days are over, there is somebody bigger and stronger that has entered the fray.

India’s humiliation at the hands of the Chinese has triggered a series of other countries joining in the anti-India movement. Nepal has drawn new maps showing its territories which now include those once claimed by India. The Nepalese have stated that they will exercise a military option to regain control of these areas. This must come as a shock to the Indian government, which may have considered the Nepalese a docile subservient class, now they are suddenly realising that the Nepalese Gurkha is the acknowledged greatest warrior the world has seen.

The proof lies in the huge number of Victoria Crosses garnered by the good cause in their wartime exploits. No amount of Indian bragging can deny the Nepalese fearsome reputation. The Indian media may cry itself hoarse but they cannot deny the Gurkha abilities in war.

The Indian military power does not bear close scrutiny as most of the fighters in the Indian army are Sikhs, who now have doubtful loyalties, as Modi and his RSS have been persecuting the Sikhs as a non-Hindu minority.

This distrust, voiced by Modi himself, prompted the Sikhs to issue a statement that they will not participate in any war against the Chinese because of their humiliation by Modi and his RSS thugs.

The Indian strength lies in its huge film industry, which commands a very large following and audience throughout India. This power does not translate into soldiers.

The heroes on screen cannot translate into warriors on the battlefield where wars are fought and won or lost. The last few weeks have seen the world power distancing themselves from India’s Modi, the US and Russia indicated that they will not take sides in the conflict and would prefer the Chinese position to prevail. This is a judgement by the world that may decide the fate of the Modi government.

Another aspect is the use of Israeli pilots against Pakistan, this cannot now continue as the Israelis cannot be seen attacking a Chinese partner. If India must fight, it fights alone.