NationalVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 03

The PML-N-judiciary nexus

The latest images circulating on the internet are a disgraceful commentary on the politicians and on the high judiciary of Pakistan. The nexus between the PML-N and courts indicated how the bail was allowed to a convicted criminal under a law which does not exist in the law books of Pakistan or anywhere else for that matter.

To proclaim that mercy was invoked for the medical condition of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is incorrect for mercy is not a legal condition in any law book of the world. But the judges and politicians choice of the word “mercy” is because it alludes to that which is bestowed by Allah The Merciful Who is revered for this quality. They assume that this cannot be challenged because it is a power unto the Almighty. This misuse by a judge is then a form of blasphemy. The punishment of which is detailed in the Holy Quran.

The picture circulating on the internet shows the details of the wedding of the daughter of a judge. The function, lavish in its splendor, is indeed the quid pro quo for the bail. To us it is the smoking gun which shows indeed how the bail was granted. A more damning indictment of the Sharifs and the judiciary cannot be more obvious. How many more judgments happened that were accounted for under this heading?

Only the rich successful litigious have reaped this benefit while the poor roast in their cells with their pleas unheard and unjudged, marked pending. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s duty is to scrape this corrupt and sordid system. Cast aside these parasites who thrive on the misery of others. They excel at generating opportunities out of misery. They create wealth out of shortages of sugar and flour. The prices are dictated by them and benefits pocketed by them. The bail is also granted by their own judiciary.

The system contributed and worked to their advantage, and is the reason why it must be scrapped. And one can never be part of the system for the rottenness is too ingrained to change. Only Imran Khan can scrap the corrupt politicians. Imran Khan has succeeded in increasing his stature abroad by the American-Afghan accord and bringing peace to the region after 25 years of relentless struggle. The Afghans look to him as a fearless leader and will support him in his moves to oust the corrupt from the ranks. They render support to Imran Khan by denying a safe haven to anyone in Afghanistan.

The problem will arise in London where Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussein are already enjoying the British hospitality. This has been extended to Nawaz Sharif and his billions, making prosecution in Pakistan difficult, if not impossible, with the judiciary already showing its bias. This is the time to scrap the assemblies and call for a ruthless action against the politics of corruption that has so far ruled this country.

Malik Qayyum taking dictation from Shahbaz Sharif on the telephone and the attack by the PML-N goons on the Supreme Court. Where all clues are the PML-N march to the control of the judiciary including the revolt of the judges in Balochistan fuelled by Rs4o million cash, hand carried by Justice Rafiq Tarar and Shahbaz Sharif. After the successful reward, Rafiq Tarar was elevated to the Presidency of Pakistan, adding to the shameful historical crimes by the PML-N.

Imran Khan has the goodwill and a huge following inside and outside Pakistan to be able to impose a new system. His leadership is unquestioned but his methods need to be sharpened and a new set of colleagues put together, talented and meritorious.  Those found wanting in any manner, should be cast aside with no mercy. Democracy has been sullied and the vote has been used as a collective arrangement by which the chosen few are given the power over the many. With the judiciary under the control of the executive it becomes a one-party state, and is open to the whims of a dictatorship. With a collusive judiciary it becomes a Hell’s Kitchen prone to elite evils.

Punjab under Rana Sanaullah as law minister was a network of child abuse and drug trade. The shift from the tribal areas of heroin manufacture to the tribal areas of the Punjab is the proof of the PML-N under him. This is a natural progression of the power exercised by him with the blessings of the Sharif family. It could not have been possible without their support. Thus, the success was intertwined and guaranteed. When politics and drugs become collaborators, then indeed democracy itself is to be blamed as it has become the conduit to power and the evils that go with it. Imran must don the role of saviour or else Pakistan is doomed.

The pictures of the wedding scenes show the higher judiciary of Pakistan in its corrupt glory. The images are almost a parody of an Ambani wedding. The gossip and pictures are enough to prove how the PML-N has been protected and given immunity by judges. It is no wonder Nawaz Sharif continued to rule Pakistan in the fashion of a Mughal emperor. These images are of a society gone mad, where the former Punjab law minister is charged with the possession of 19 kilos of heroin. This province also harboured the largest child pornographic ring, supplying pictures to the internet.

Not a single case was successfully prosecuted in the Punjab, so complete was his control. These are the ugly realities of the misuse of democracy in Pakistan. Can Imran Khan allow the system to exist for another day? No, the time is nigh, act now or be consumed by these evils.

(Note: The views expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect Cutting Edge’s editorial stance.)