You ViewsVolume 14 Issue # 02

Trigger-happy police

MASSIVE traffic jams occurred in many parts of Karachi on August 13. Armed bandits were robbing the occupants of stranded vehicles on Khayaban-i-Ittehad in Defence Housing Authority. Omar, his wife and two girls were among the victims.

While the dacoits were snatching mobile phones and wallets right behind Omar’s car the police arrived on the scene and a gun battle ensued. A bullet hit Omar’s 10-year-old daughter Amal, killing her on the spot. How tragic. Amal was a brilliant student of class 6.

The police as usual claimed that the bullet which hit Amal was fired by one of the dacoits shot by a constable. The shocked family insisted on knowing the truth. Luckily the camera showed the truth. After the dacoit fell, another bullet was fired by the same constable that went through the boot of the car in front and hit Amal.

Why was this unnecessary bullet fired? The answer is an untrained and insensitive trigger-happy police culture with no accountability .

This is not the first case in 2018. The National Commission for Human Rights had already investigated the much publicised cases of Intezar and Maqsood, and presented its report to the Senate.

Our recommendations demanded several actions against police and law enforcers. How many more precious lives will be lost before the authorities wake up?

Anis Haroon