Book ReviewLifestyleVOLUME 17 ISSUE # 4

Victoria Park

Mona and Wolfie have lived in Victoria Park for over fifty years. Now, on the eve of their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary, they must de-cide how to navigate Mona’s declining health. Bookended by the touching explo-ration of their love, Victoria Park follows the disparate lives of twelve people over the course of a single year. Told from their multi-ple perspectives in episodes which capture feelings of alienation and connection, the lin-gering memory of an acid attack in the park sends ripples of unease through the community. By the end of the novel, their carefully interwoven tales create a rich tapestry of re-silience, love and loss. With sharply observed insight into contem-porary urban life, and characters we take to our hearts, Gemma Reeves has written a moving, uplifting debut which reflects those universal experiences that connect us all.