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Christchurch mosque attack

Since the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand that claimed the lives of 51 Muslims, we have witnessed solidarity New Zealanders have shown to their religious minority.

Among the kind gestures shown by the majority are visits to mosques by tens of thousands of New Zealanders to console the bereaved, the live telecast of Friday prayers Azan on national TV and women wearing the hijab in support of their Muslim sisters.

The Pakistani print and electronic media have been applauding the New Zealanders for their love and compassion that they have shown to one of the religious minorities in their time of grief.

However, this should also be a time for all Pakistanis to self-reflect on how we have collectively behaved as a nation in the past when similar tragedies struck our religious minorities.

Did we Pakistanis show the same love and compassion to our religious minorities in their time of mourning? We all know the answer.

Nasir Ahmad, MD
New Jersey, US