You ViewsVolume 14 Issue # 16

Judicial backlog

We are already suffering from a massive backlog of pending cases, and the Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken numerous initiatives to decide the cases but random obstacles keep rearing their heads from different corners.

On March 20, I went to the Sukkur High Court to pursue the bail of my father Shafi Muhammad Pathan. It has been more than a year since I have been going to attend the hearings of the court, always with the hope of justice but the reality has always been bitter.

Earlier this week, there was a lawyers’ strike and the judges gave us a date which is quite a long time away, only because the lawyers were on strike.

I want to ask them: why is the common man being punished because of this outdated system? Why are lawmakers not thinking about the hardships of their voters and will the prime minister bring about some reforms to provide speedy justice to the common man. I say this because a society where lawlessness and slow justice prevail, will never be prosperous.

Agha Zeeshan