Book ReviewLifestyleVOLUME 14 ISSUE # 24

he Science of Likability

100% scientific and proven ways to make friends quickly, turn enemies into friends, gain trust, and be flat-out lik-able. Some of the most interesting, shocking, and counterintuitive scientific conclusions to simply make people want to be around you. In The Science of Likability, you’ll get all that and more. It takes 27 seminal scientific and psy-chological studies and breaks them down so you can use their findings to your advantage. Every piece of advice in this book to increase your social standing and likability factor is 100%backed by in-depth, peer-reviewed re-search. Learn how subconsciously make yourself seem likable, trustworthy, and intelligent. You can get a new haircut and wardrobe, and you even learn funny jokes. But likability is something more. It’s subconscious, and it’s the small signs that signal our brains to let their guards down and embrace others. Learn what common sense and intuition doesn’t teach you. Analysis and insight from the best in the business.