InternationalVOLUME 15 ISSUE # 02

India heading towards utter destruction

There are many things, like an insatiable greed for wealth, lust for power, thirst to conquer, control and rule, pride, prejudice, jealousy, hatred and killing instincts in human beings which are playing havoc with peace and stability in the world.


To satisfy the evil and destructive desires and instincts, man has fought many bloody wars, like the First World War, the Second World War, the Afghanistan war, wars in the Middle East etc. Many philosophies, ideologies and slogans, like democracy, nationalism, capitalism, communism, extremism, terrorism, Islamists, Hindutva, white man’s burden, white replacement, Western identity etc. have been raised to subjugate and slaughter fellow men.


In the present world, there are many political figures like Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jair Bolsonaro, Viktor Orbán, Scott Morrison, Rodrigo Duterte and Matteo Salvini etc. who are labelled as strongmen to lead their nations. In fact, according to famous columnist George Monbiot, they all are “the killer clowns and extravagant buffoons” who have been promoted by “the oligarchs” to spread chaos for multiplying their profit. George Monbiot writes: “The killer clowns offer the oligarchs something else too: distraction and deflection. While the kleptocrats fleece us, we are urged to look elsewhere. We are mesmerised by buffoons who encourage us to channel the anger that should be reserved for billionaires towards immigrants, women, Jews, Muslims, people of colour and other imaginary enemies and customary scapegoats. Just as it was in the 1930s, the new demagoguery is a con, a revolt against the impacts of capital, financed by capitalists. Paradoxically, these interests are best promoted by nationalists and nativists. The politicians who most loudly proclaim their patriotism and defence of sovereignty are always the first to sell their nations down the river.”


There is not an iota of doubt that Narendra Modi, the PM of India and Donald Trump, the US President, are hate preachers and bigots who are not only creating disturbance in their own countries but also in the world by their wrong, extremist, fascist and anti-humanitarian policies and teachings.


Narindar Modi, the PM of India and leader of the BJP, has changed the status of the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir by abolishing the Article 370 and Clause 35-A from the Indian Constitution, stripping the occupied valley of its special status. The Narendra Modi regime has also bifurcated the disputed valley into two parts – Jammu and Kashmir and Leha and Ladakh. It has declared Leha and Ladakh as a Union territory under the direct control of New Delhi and annexed Jammu and Kashmir as a state of the Union of India. Now, the state will not have its own separate flag, constitution and non-Kashmiris, including Hindus, from any part of India can buy land and property and live in the valley. By taking such a drastic step, the Modi regime has arrogantly violated all the UN Security Council resolutions, promises made by Jawaharlal Nehru to the world, Kashmiri and Pakistani people, understandings, bilateral pacts and even the Constitution of India. A famous writer and activist, Arundhati Roy says: “Removal of Article 370 and the division of IHK violates the Indian Constitution, UNSC Resolution 122 which rejected the alleged accession of Kashmir to India, the UN Charter and UN resolutions, the Shimla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration, and thereby eliminates the LoC as a legal entity”.


On the other hand, Narendra Modi has declared that his actions in the valley will end terrorism, separatism and poverty. On August 15, he declared, “One nation, one Constitution has become a reality post-Article 370 abrogation”. But, in reality, this step has been taken to accelerate the process of Hindutva in India.


Very cunningly, Modi, like other popular leaders around the world, has tied business interests with political and social agenda. With this policy, he has successfully concealed his government’s poor economic performance, defeated Congress and other leftist parties in the 2019 elections. Now, corporate India, which wants to get control over the valley’s resources, is also supporting him fully while minorities, including the Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs, Christians, etc. are watching these new developments fearfully. Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest industrialist, has already promised several “announcements” to get control over the Valley’s resources.


Ayesha Ray writes in the Asia Times: “The failure to include Kashmiri Muslims in deliberations and discussions on the matter will prove costly, and there will likely be catastrophic consequences for India. There is no reason for Kashmiri Muslims to trust India ever again. Violence, rebellion, dark days and a war with Pakistan are, in all likelihood, on the near horizon as a result of India’s latest move against Kashmiris”.


There is no doubt about it that the Modi regime’s next step is to get control over Azad Kashmir. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has already stated: “If talks are held with Pakistan, it will now be on PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir).” He has also threatened that “India could use nukes first if circumstances demand”. Modi has already threatened to stop Pakistan’s water. Now, after the annexation of Kashmir, the Modi regime will not feel any hesitation to abrogate the Indus Water Treaty in the coming days. New Delhi is continuously indulging in ceasefire violations along the Line of Control. To divert the attention of the world, the BJP government could stage any fake terror attack in the country.


On the other hand, Pakistani civilian and military leadership has categorically declared that Kashmir is a disputed issue which should be solved under the UN resolutions. It has pledged to support the cause of the Kashmiri people and repulse any attack from India. It has also described Kashmir as a “nuclear flash point”. Pakistan has also reduced its diplomatic presence in India, cut economic ties, followed an aggressive diplomacy by calling on several world leaders to work on India for reversing the decision. But, Modi, intoxicated with power, is very unlikely to reverse the decision as it will harm his and the BJP’s politics. Keeping in view the belligerent and hateful nature of Modi, Amit Shah, Ajit Doval and other Hindu extremists, there is every possibility that they will start ethnic cleansing in Kashmir for changing its demography. They will continue oppression against the Kashmiris and aggression towards Pakistan. Keeping in view Pakistan’s weak economy and divided politicians, the Modi regime could also launch an attack on Pakistan. In short, the Modi government can commit any evil thing to save its partisan interests and materialise Hindutva philosophy. Indian sane people should put pressure on the Modi regime for shunning extremist politics. Otherwise, there is every possibility that the BJP government’s strategy will backfire. The Kashmiri freedom movement will get more strength in the coming days. The Indian army will not be able to crush the Kashmir insurgency and its effects would spread all over India. There are already many separatist movements going on in India. Naghaland has already declared its independence from India on 15th August. Sikhs’ Khalistan movement is also going on in the Indian Punjab. In short, Modi is taking India towards its demise and in the coming years, there will emerge many new independent states in the country.