FeaturedNationalVOLUME 18 ISSUE # 31

May 9 – A black day in Pakistan’s history

May 9 will go down in the history of Pakistan as a Black Day. On that fateful day, PTI workers and their supporters attacked sensitive military installations and important public buildings, chanting anti-military slogans. They also vandalized sacred symbols of war victories.

What happened in Pakistan on May 9 was unprecedented in its history. Mobs misled and misguided by their leaders ran amok and engaged in activities that endangered Pakistan’s sovereignty, security, and integrity. The Jinnah House in Lahore and the Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar were attacked and damaged by frenzied mobs – an act which would gladden the hearts of Pakistan’s worst enemies. The assaults on GHQ in Rawalpindi and intelligence offices in several cities were pre-planned. Most provocative was the desecration and destruction of the memorials of the valiant heroes and martyrs of various wars with India.

The nation stood aghast as the news of the shameful exploits of rampaging mobs spread across the land. But in the face of grave provocations, the civil and military authorities kept their cool and handled the situation in a most judicious manner. They did not use force which they could nor fired a shot to quell the riots. In order to avoid bloodshed they let the storm blow over. The military high command showed extraordinary patience and tact in order to avoid a bloody showdown with the enraged and misguided youth.

May 9 was a failed attempt to seduce or persuade military personnel to mutiny or desert their duty. But the ploy did not work. The people expressed shock and anger at the deplorable events and stood in complete solidarity with their beloved army.

To be sure, the events of May 9 were not isolated incidents. There was a method behind madness. The hooligans acted in concert as their common target were security installations that are a symbol of our valiant armed forces who have offered tremendous sacrifices in the defence of the motherland. It was a deep laid conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan.

The events of May 9 were also designed to create widespread civil unrest and endanger common citizens’ lives. It was an orchestrated attempt to create civil disorder and ignite mass uprising against the state and sow division in society.

The evil motive was to strike at the very heart of our nation’s sovereignty, security, and integrity. Above all, the sinister events of May 9 were a vile attempt to sow discord between the people of Pakistan and the Pakistan army. But the perpetrators of violence failed in their nefarious designs as the public in general kept aloof from the miscreants, giving them a cold shoulder.

May 9 serves as a wake-up call for the entire nation, urging us to remain steadfast in our commitment to the greater interests of Pakistan. The message of May 9 is that the enemies of Pakistan and their agents are hiding in our ranks and it is our collective responsibility to identify any elements that pose a threat to Pakistan’s integrity. We must remain vigilant and united against those who seek to harm us from within or without.

May 9 serves as a turning point in our history from which we as a nation have emerged stronger, more resilient, and determined to preserve the unity and integrity of Pakistan. It is our duty to preserve unity in our ranks and honor the sacrifices of those who have laid down their lives to protect our sovereignty.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has rightly called the tragic events of May 9 as a clarion call and asked the nation to identify and expose the anti-state groups who are working behind the scenes to sabotage and weaken the foundations of the Pakistani state. He has said that by targeting the monuments of Shuhada, and attacking the very symbols of our brave army, the miscreants attacked the very idea and concept of Pakistan. He also said that ransacking of the civil properties and defence installations on May 9 exposed the real political agenda of the PTI and vowed to take strict action against attackers, abettors and planners under the relevant laws.

Our armed forces are the guardians of national security and a symbol of the stability and honour of Pakistan. Army jawans and officers lay down their lives fighting for the defence of the motherland. They fight the enemy on the snow-capped mountains, in the plains and deserts and the high seas. It is thanks to their sacrifices that Pakistan is in safe hands and we sleep peacefully at night.