You ViewsVOLUME 18 ISSUE # 41

Reverse discrimination

Our media and civil society are often quite active in raising their voice about harassment against women. There is no reason why they should not do that. However, there is always that other side of the coin that we tend to miss out on while focusing on one aspect of a matter. What about reverse discrimination and harassment of men by women? Is it not a reality?

The experience I recently had is enough to establish my point. I recently went to withdraw money from an ATM. Initially, the machine showed some error, but after a second attempt, I was able to withdraw the required amount. As this process took some time, someone knocked the door from the outside. I turned around to see a woman standing there. As I opened the door, without knowing the actual problem, she glared at me with utter disgust for putting her on wait. She did not have any idea what the machine was doing to me inside the cabin, but there was a disdainful look on her face as if she knew for sure that I was at fault. It was seriously discomforting, but I stayed quiet and left since nobody understands that men can also be harassed in such ways by a woman.

Are men allowed to stare at women the way that woman glared at me with contempt and anger, or would that be called harassment of a woman by a man? Laws are laws and should be the same for everyone regardless of gender. The relevant authorities must lend a listening ear to men in case of such issues just like they listen to women.

Nasir Abbasi