You ViewsVOLUME 17 ISSUE # 33

Rising inequality

We are living in a phase in which clarity and answers are missing and confusion abounds. For the majority, the only goal is survival. The majority does not even have the time to think why those who are part of the larger system happen to be ineffective in bringing about any significant change; a change for the better, that is.

Why do the rich want to get richer? Why can’t the poor have life without misery? Why does the privileged class decide the destiny of the have-nots? These are relevant questions, but not many are asking it the way they should. Either people are happy to live a miserable life, or they are not ready to question those who wield power. This is the reason they elect the same people again and again in our so-called democracy. Class difference is the worst and abhorrent reality of today’s Pakistan. As a result of this difference, certain people enjoy a respectable life, while the downtrodden suffer.

Those who have staff at their beck and call to polish their shoes or open the doors of their luxury vehicles make decisions for those who work hard under the scorching sun and sleep on an empty stomach. There are no rights, no justice and no breathing space for the majority. All such things are meant for the mighty. Why?

Zohaib Ali Bhagat