You ViewsVolume 12 Issue # 11

VIP culture

ALTHOUGH Pakistan gained independence in 1947, its people are still socially and culturally slave to colonial traditions and customs. The remnants of VIP culture were left intact. It remained in practice with great fanfare. It has become the way of life. Our ruling class has insensitively used protocol preferences, never staying away from the VIP treatment, which makes the lives of common citizens extremely difficult and cumbersome.

During their movement in the city or elsewhere, roads and streets are blocked and closed for hours. Traffic is paralysed, and even people die on the roadside without getting any medical aid. Sometimes babies are born in auto rickshaws or die as a lack of access to any hospital.

Recently a sick girl, Bisma, died as a consequence of not getting medical aid on time because a VIP was on his way to inaugurate a hospital and all roads leading to hospitals had been closed. It is time the authorities concerned made life hassle-free for the people.

Javaid Bashir