You ViewsVolume 12 Issue # 11

Our poor ministers

WHAT a misery and a moment to think about: China’s population is 1.35bn and the number of its ministers is 14. India’s population is 1.27bn and there are 32 ministers. The US population is 320m but there are only 14 ministers. The United Kingdom has a population of 130m but there are 12 ministers only.

Pakistan, with a population of 200m, has 94 ministers, besides 94 advisers. A fabulous figure indeed! A minister, on an average, has an annual expenditure of Rs160m while the total amount causes a burden on the national budget is 160×94= Rs15.36bn.

Each minister is being given 5,000 electricity units a month free of cost; 45 free VIP air tickets each month. Mobile balance of Rs100,000 a month free of cost. Who is bearing the burden of their luxuries. It is none other than the people of Pakistan. Now where are the ethics and where is the shame?

Muhammad Aized