You ViewsVolume 12 Issue # 11

Plea Bargain

CORRUPTION has been ruining the country for decades, but recently the NAB’s plea bargain in the case of former Balochistan finance secretary Mushtaque Raisani is condemnable.

Accountability institutions should not weaken the hope of the public. Although accountability is the foremost pillar of democracy, it should not be weakened and destroyed in the name of plea bargain with the corrupt.Offering a plea bargain means promoting corruption. It can lead to mega corruption. The need of the hour is that NAB and other anti-corruption organisations must try to restore corruption-free culture in the country.

Moreover, they should convey the message of zero tolerance against corruption.  They must set an exemplary accountability process that strengthens state institutions to carry a lesson for others. NAB must refrain from the plea bargain system. If it is not possible, it should at least replace their slogan with this new one: “Say yes to corruption with a plea bargain”.

Sajjad Ahmed Kalhoro