Weekly HoroscopeVolume 12 Issue # 11

Horoscope : January 16-31


Powerful insights about your professional path could emerge this weekend. On Saturday, the radiant Sun and probing Pluto conjoin in your career sector for their once-per-year meetup. Power surge! Is there a leadership role that’s calling your name? You were born to reign in so many ways, Aries, even if you rule a realm of one. This transit brings some take-charge momentum. Grab the wheel and steer the ship.


How would you like to grow in 2017, Taurus? The ninth house rules travel, higher education and entrepreneurial ventures. Think about exploring a new corner of the planet, signing up for continuing education classes or a degree program, even. Record all your ideas and insights, then start taking action once Mercury is back on course next week.


Before you put the ink on any contracts or hit “send” on paperwork and applications, break out the magnifying glass. Your ruler, messenger Mercury, is still retrograde until this Sunday, which can be an inauspicious time to sign on any dotted lines. If you’re hammering out details of a contract, lawyer up and leave no stone unturned. Four eyes are better than two.


Show up early to work and devise ways to keep everyone on your team better organized.. Since the sixth house rules health and wellness, you could be making a beeline to the doc if a nagging issue hasn’t gone away. If you require an in-depth procedure, try to wait until January 28, when Mercury’s shadow has passed.Don’t worry about it you will do well.


Send out an email to the boss or a client if you have a bright idea to share or some bragging rights they ought to know about. The sixth house is your wellness zone, and Saturday could be the launching pad for your self-care resolutions. Having a plan is the key to success so you might even map out a weeklong menu of healthy meals then go shopping and relax.


There’s a certain satisfaction to be gained from scouring your tub and bleaching all your whites, but if you have a few extra bucks, splurge on having a service give Chateau Virgo a deep clean. You’re equal parts social butterfly and private person, so don’t ignore your need for space. Relax yourself, and enjoy what’s coming.


Wake up an hour earlier for that sunrise spin class and work some stylish athleisure into your wardrobe so you’ll feel more motivated to hit the gym after work. You could meet someone with soulmate potential during one of your fitness sprees.


Give the “when you look good, you feel good” theory a test run by revamping your winter weather wardrobe. From crushed velvet dresses and blazers to fitted faux fur coats, your coquette is at the helm. With little effort, you’ll have plenty of occasions to be photographed and get opportunities.


The time is here to power clean your kitchen, declutter your closets, and even hire a space organizer to help you create a smarter system for housing all those treasures you love to collect. If those possessions don’t “spark joy,” as they say, let them go. You won’t feel a loss; rather, you’ll actually be able to find all those collectibles that you truly do love.


Network your way into 2017! As the year launches, there won’t be truer words than these, Capricorn: It’s all about who you know, glamorous, garrulous Venus float through Pisces and your ultra social third house for four weeks. And until January 28, her co-conspirator Mars will join her for a tandem ride. Partnership opportunities will pop up at every turn.


Hey there, busy bee! 2017 finds you in a mission-oriented groove, ready to streamline everything back to the basics—but not without some creative flair. While this means you’ll bid the romance planet adieu, you’re ready to sink into a more productive groove.


Forget about disappearing into a nest of fleece and oversized cashmere sweaters. 2017 is off to a powerful and potent start for you—and January could shuttle you straight into the spotlight. This Tuesday the glamorous, amorous Venus sails into Pisces for the annual visit, blessing you with her radiant beams.