You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 15

428 HEC scholars absconding abroad

Students who are financed and sponsored by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for international higher education owe their motherland and their poor nation.

According to a report, 5,780 overseas scholarships have been awarded to date, of which 3,807 students have completed their studies 1,537 are still studying, while 428 are absconding.

According to a HEC policy, the beneficiary of HEC overseas scholarship has to return to Pakistan and serve the country for five years. It is not only Pakistan which sponsors international scholarships. There are other countries, particularly Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, which support outward mobility of their talented students. Instead of binding the students to return, there should be an alternative. A new cell should be made inside the HEC which should deal with a new international higher education plan.

According to the new plan, the students should be allowed to stay abroad after completing their studies. But they should be asked to financially contribute to the international higher education scholarship scheme on a yearly or monthly basis designed by the HEC or the government.

This way students will send money to their motherland, helping other students to study abroad. Besides, various projects can be initiated with the help of students abroad for Pakistan’s primary and secondary education system.

There is another important aspect of this idea. These scholars can work as lobbyists for Pakistan. Owing to lack of lobbying in foreign countries Pakistan has an image problem. You can see Indian origin Americans in the Trump administration and lobbyists in Congress, while there is no Pakistani to lobby.

Donald Trump humiliates Pakistan while talking about his South Asia and Afghanistan strategy, but he appreciates India.

The prime minister and the chairperson of the Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training should consider this plan in Pakistan’s interest.

Muqarrab Hussain