You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 09

Bilawal House road

The Bilawal House road was opened under protests by the PTI and a civil rights organisation a year or so ago much to the relief of citizens, but has once again been closed on the orders of those people who claim to be a source of people’s power. They also say ZAB and BB adored democracy and died fighting for it. True, but did they teach them to torture the people who voted them to power in Sindh?

Can Mr. Zardari and Mr. Bilawal imagine the magnitude of agony which the residents of Clifton and others have to undergo daily because of this arbitrary closure. The road in front of 10, Downing Sreet or the White House is never closed.

When the other side of the road was opened, people, including this writer, had thanked Mr. Zardari for showing reasonableness, but soon shortsightedness overwhelmed farsightedness.

Leaders must always display large-heartedness, compassion for the public interest. Mr. Zardari and Mr Bilawal are much safer even when traffic on both sides of the road plies undisturbed.

The wall must be bulldozed as the PPP is led by a young and brave leader. The wall has spoilt the beauty of the area. Lastly, I will request the Sindh High Court to take suo motu action and order opening of this vital artery once and for all.

S.A. Siddiqui