You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 09

Disservice to Sadequain

I AM writing this on behalf of the Sadequain Foundation, United States, to draw your attention to the illegal construction of Sadequain Shadi Hall (after Sadequain died in 1987) on an amenity plot which was awarded to Sadequain by the Karachi Development Authority in 1987 for the sole purpose of building Sadequain Art Institute.

The amenity plot awarded to Sadequain is located at the crossing of University Road and Rashid Minhas Road at the NIPA Chawrangi.

The illegal construction of Sadequain Shadi Hall was not only unlawful, it was also disrespectful to one of Pakistan’s iconic artists. Sadequain Shadi Hall operated illegally for approximately 25 years and was eventually demolished in 2015. It reduced to rubble as a grim reminder of injustice meted out to Sadequain for two years; then it was restored a few months ago under questionable circumstances.

Sadequain is among a handful of Pakistanis whose name and work should transcend generations. He rightfully deserves a Sadequain Art Institute, which would be part-gallery, part-research institute, and part a place where artists, art historians and art lovers can meet and interact. It can be modelled after the Louisiana Centre in Denmark, an art centre with resident artists producing contemporary art and designs.

I urge the KDA authorities to impound the amenity plot from the miscreants and build a Sadequain Art Institute under the KDA’s auspices.

Salman Ahmad

San Diego