Weekly HoroscopeVolume 12 Issue # 15

Horoscope : March 16-31

Aries: Will you feel like chatting a lot this week? You bet you will and it’s a given that the topic of your choice will be love or romance. In fact, expect one of your new admirers to bridge the gap boldly between friend and lover during what starts out as a casual chat. If you’re interested, get busy. This opportunity won’t last forever. Fortunately, at the speed you move, this won’t be a problem. Your workplace will bring you a lot of creativity this week, which will be extremely beneficial for your career.

Taurus: Still longing for a few hours of time alone with your family, without the intrusion of a phone or computer? Well, then, take it. Turn off anything that beeps, rings or buzzes, and have an honest-to-goodness conversation with your family. Give yourself and your family the gift of uninterrupted privacy tonight. As far as your career is concerned,you might be in for a surprise new job offer.

Gemini: You’re ready to get to a whole new level of relationship with your current partner. Don’t cut corners. Say it all. Every word. The worst that can happen is that you’ll make it absolutely painful for the two of you to be later on. As far as your work is considered finances will be on your side. This is a good time for some investment.

Cancer: The urge to take off for some serious shopping will be tough to resist and why should you? Shopping is perfectly justified now. Just try not to go over your limit not too far, anyway. The seasons are changing and your wardrobe needs a serious update. If you can afford it, a few quality staples are just what your look needs. So enjoy it while you can.

Leo: It’s all about you this week, and your loved ones will leave no stone unturned to prove it to you. Since you’ve been extremely caring and kind to them, its time for them to treat you the way should be treated. Besides, who in their right mind wouldn’t’ want to get spoiled? You will be spoiled and pampered all through this time. So enjoy all the attention that you get because, you deserve it.

Virgo: That secret you’ve been lugging around? You just can’t keep quiet about it, not for one more second. If it’s going to be a private surprise, though, be discreet, and don’t tell anyone anything. Disclosing your secret, even to your best friend, could result in a leak of vast proportions; you don’t have to wait much longer now. But keep your plans to yourself for now as you don’t want any negativity or jealousy coming your way. But don’t stress over small things too much, just have faith and take everything as it comes.

Libra: A friend has recently come to you with a super offer, and you’re tempted to take it. Unfortunately, they’re not waiting for an answer, and you’ve got more important things to attend to. They want to introduce you to a whole new peer group to some people they’re sure you’ll fit in with just perfectly. If you can talk them into waiting just two days, it could be a blessing.

Scorpio: If anyone who is notoriously not fond of attention, it’s you. In fact, you tend to avoid anything that even remotely resembles the spotlight. At the moment, that may be tough to do, however, since someone who loves you may be planning a huge surprise for you. Oh, well. Relax. You may end up liking it.

Sagittarius: You were wondering when someone new and interesting might cross your path especially if you’re single. Surprise, the universe has seen fit to arrange an encounter for you: a surprising, coincidental encounter. Listen closely, no matter where you are, for one of those accents you so dearly love, the kind that lets you know someone who is not from your neck of the woods. Then be brave and introduce yourself.

Capricorn: Calm, cool and calculated, that’s you, right? Well, that may be what you’re used to being referred to as, but those may not be the adjectives used to describe you this week. In fact, you may end up being called fiery, spontaneous and startling. Why hold back? Just go for it and let everyone see what you’re all about.

Aquarius: This could be quite the romantic week for you. Oh, and then there’s the fact that life has arranged a full buffet of sweet, tender energies to assist you in creating not just perfect ambiance, but also the right words to express your emotions. So get ready to let go and be totally emotional. Ready or not, here comes your chance.

Pisces: All that hard work you’ve been doing lately hasn’t gone unnoticed in the eyes your bosses. You could be due for a raise, promotion or bonus. You’re about to have your 15 minutes, and you know you’ve earned it. A well – deserved celebration is coming your way.