Weekly HoroscopeVolume 12 Issue # 14

Horoscope : March 01-15


You’ve been very good up to this point, so don’t be surprised if life makes a special you feel special and has pleasant surprises instore. That’s not an easy feat to pull off, of course — being that good — but recently, you’ve been undeniably loyal, faithful, hardworking and cheerful. All that’s left for you now is to smile and thank the powers that be for noticing.


Go out of your way to do something new, even in the smallest way. Take a different way to the office kitchen (or go somewhere different for lunch. If you make an effort, there are a thousand different ways you could shed a little light and brighten up your life. It might just spill over into all kinds of unexpected areas, but you will discover yourself and be happy about it.


This is one of those periods that have been specially designed to make all your romantic fantasies come true. The best part is that the person you’ve been dreaming of sharing this kind of day with is either ready to join you. You may gear up towards a romantic partnership or marriage within no time. Happier times are awaiting you.


You’re not at all willing to give in to all those pressures into settling down. In fact, it would take at least 15 minutes of extremely concerted efforts to talk you into entering into a romantic relationship. Once you’ve been so persuaded, of course, you’ll be all for it. You won’t even mind leaving the house in someone else’s hands. Oh, go ahead. Let them talk you into it.


There are only two explanation for the mood you’re in. One is that you’ve won the lottery, and you’re now preparing to tell off your boss, your boss’s boss and anyone who even remotely resembles either of them. But if that’s not it, it looks like you’re in love, and you’ve discovered that your special someone loves you too. Either way, nothing could be finer. To celebrate, you really should call someone you love and have a deep conversation with hem about your feelings and relax.


There’s absolutely no doubt that love is in the air. You haven’t felt this lighthearted and romantic since … well, since quite a time Keeping that in mind, you should know that it’s not just you. The rest of the world is feeling it too, which means that you are likely in for a pleasant surprise from life. So wear rose tinted glasses and look at the world as it beautifully welcomes you.


For the second day in a row, you can’t seem to control the comments that insist on emerging from your lips, no matter how unlike your usual style – cooperative, compromising and polite, that is – they happen to be. You’ve been so darned blunt, you’re actually beginning to wonder if you might not be possessed by the spirit of a late-night stand-up comedian. Stop wondering and stop worrying. It’s almost over. Take a breath. Life will soon get better.


You’re an expert at focus – which some folks might actually call ‘obsession’ – and you love nothing more than that feeling of concentration. It translates into infatuation in your book, and it’s all-good. You’re feeling it now, but don’t worry about being there alone. Be sure you want to end up in the same place before you keep going. But focus on your own life goals as everything else goes on


You’re an expert at working hard which some folks might actually call “passion” and you love nothing more than that feeling of concentration. It translates into infatuation in your book, and it’s all-good. You’re feeling it now, but don’t worry about being there alone. The success you’ve been dreaming off is almost there. Be sure to take hold of the things that you’ve always wanted.


You’ve never been fond of secrets. When they’re kept from you, you feel as if you’re not in the loop, which just won’t do. When you’re keeping information from someone, you feel guilty, even if there’s a really good reason for it. Having said that, better prepare to deal with it for a day or so, because there is something going on that’s just not fit for public consumption yet.


You’re not famous for being the type of person who conjures up Hallmark sentiments every time your mouth opens. You have other redeeming qualities such as the ability to call a spade a spade. At the moment, you’ll be amazed at just how poetically you’ll describe that same spade. If you embarrass easily and you can’t stand the thought of someone remembering you in this verbal condition, better swear off conversation for a couple of days.


It’s romantic, it’s lovely and it’s all about getting together with the one you love. In short, it’s the kind of day your sign just loves – and considering the mood the object of your affection can’t help but be in, this will be a day to remember. Your job, then, is to do what you do best: Plan to make each and every moment just as special as the last. Pull out all the stops and make sure they know how much you care.