InternationalVolume 13 Issue # 11

In the eye of the storm

US President Donald Trump has not completed even a year in office, but he has already become the most controversial head of state in the history of the superpower. His funny tweets, erratic behaviour, staff infighting, high-profile resignations and firings have made him the biggest attraction for the media. It appears he loves controversy and wants to be surrounded by it. If there is no storm, he creates one for himself.


His tweet or comments become a topic of debate on the Western media for days and now a new book has appeared which will be a topic of discussion for months, but threatens to bring down his presidency or the beginning of an end for him. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by journalist Michael Wolff claims President Donald Trump doesn’t read either because he’s “semi-literate” or suffers from dyslexia and he also prefers to surround himself with “office wives.” Wolff writes that Trump would read headlines of articles about himself as well as short blurbs in gossip pages like Page Six of the New York Post. But others speculated that he had a disability, which explained why he never delved deep into complex topics. “Some thought him dyslexic; certainly his comprehension was limited. Others concluded that he didn’t read because he just didn’t have to, and that in fact this was one of his key attributes as a populist. He was postliterate – total television. Not only did Trump not read,

“but he didn’t listen,” Wolff writes.


Quoting credible sources in the White House, he states, “He preferred to be the person talking. And he trusted his own expertise – no matter how paltry or irrelevant – more than anyone else’s. What’s more, he had an extremely short attention span, even when he thought you were worthy of attention. He likes to rely more on women rather than men in the workplace because he tended to view females as less ambitious and more loyal. While Trump was in most ways a conventional misogynist, in the workplace he was much closer to women than to men. He liked and needed his office wives, and he trusted them with his most important personal issues. Women, according to Trump, were simply more loyal and trustworthy than men. Men might be more forceful and competent, but they were also more likely to have their own agendas. Women, by their nature, or Trump’s version of their nature, were more likely to focus their purpose on a man. That is why he entrusted his daughter, Ivanka, with a senior adviser role in the White House. Other women who play key roles in the administration are Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and communications director Hope Hicks.”


Other important disclosures say Trump’s election campaign CEO Steve Bannon described his son Don Jr’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians as “treasonous and unpatriotic and thinks he will crack like an egg under the pressure of the Russia investigation. Bannon said there’s zero chance Donald Trump didn’t know about the meeting and said Don Jr. likely walked them to his father’s office. First Lady Melania Trump openly wept on the night her husband won the election – and the tears were not of joy. The whole campaign from the top down thought Trump would lose and everyone had planned for defeat, with Trump himself planning a TV network because he would be the most famous man in the world. Trump and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms and he demanded a lock on his bedroom door against the wishes of the Secret Service. He orders McDonald’s so he’s not poisoned, told staff not to touch his toothbrush and strips his own bedsheets. He regularly sits in bed eating a cheeseburger at 6.30pm while calling his friends and watching three TVs. White House Communications Director Hope Hicks dated married Corey Lewandowski and Trump later told her: You’re the best piece of tail he’ll ever have. He abused acting attorney general Sally Yates after she refused to enforce his immigration ban. He tells the same stories three times in ten minutes and forgot a succession of old friends’ names at a Mar-a-Lago party. He called his son-in-law Jared Kushner a suck-up and said he should never have let Ivanka and her husband move to Washington. His staff at the White House call him dope, dumb, a hopeless idiot, a fool, lost his mind and incapable of functioning in his job. Trump wondered what a golden shower was after reading reports about the notorious Russian dossier. He also offered to marry Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough – and mocked Jared Kushner for saying he’d do it. Ivanka Trump jokes with friends about her father’s hair secrets: He had a scalp reduction, combs over from the sides, and uses Just for Men badly. Donald Trump’s chief counsel is Donald Trump. He once told MSNBC host Joe Scarborough that the person he consults before he makes public pronouncements is, “Me. I talk to myself,” the book reveals.


According to some analysts, the book has the potential to bring down the president. It has laid him bare in the eyes of the public and questions are being raised whether he is fit to perform his job. The book has already shot to the top of the bestseller list and Trump’s closest allies have started questioning his suitability for office. The charges against him appear to be largely true because if not, he would have taken legal action against the author. As he faces an investigation into an alleged Russian role in his campaign, the new disclosures will add to his unpopularity and make him unable to take important decisions, even if he is not impeached.