LifestyleVolume 12 Issue # 15


Logan, is set in the year 2029, and Logan (Hugh Jackman), the mutant superhero once known as Wolverine isn’t what he once was. His healing powers are ebbing, everything is harder for him, and he’s in constant pain. He hides out in a desert compound with the now90-something Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who suffers from chronic psychic fits, and albino mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Their superhero days are over, and no new mutants have appeared in years. Then a woman arrives, asking Logan to look after a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) and take her to a safe place in North Dakota. Along the way), Logan learns that the girl is actually his daughter, created in a horrific lab experiment using his DNA. And the men who created her are coming. The movie is equivalent to Frank Miller’s renowned comic book The Dark Knight Returns, this entry in the X-Men series is amazingly moving and grown-up, elevating the superhero genre to new heights.

Jackman gives an astonishing performance as a hurting Logan; he’s no longer Wolverine, just a man who’s lived a hard, hard life and is looking at an unforgiving, grim future. Meanwhile, director James Mangold completely reverses the hatchet job he did on his last outing The Wolverine, here delivering a sad, fatalistic yet stunningly poignant look at regret and loss. It’s almost like a Western classic, filled with cracked, dusty American spaces. Characters wrestle with the landscape on the exterior while wrestling with their pasts, fears, and desires on the interior. It helps that we know Logan so well and that he’s been so impossibly cool for so long.

Now he becomes human for the first time, experiencing what a family might have been like, as well as a longing for resignation. The movie has action, but, rather than celebrating exhilaration, it’s deliberately wearisome, shadowing the end of an era. Perhaps most profoundly, Logan achieves a sense of linking generations, exhibiting life-changing events, which leave a lasting impact on us. Therefore, Logan fully deserves a 4 star rating from us.

Courtesy: Common Sense Media