Book ReviewVolume 14 Issue # 07

Muhammad: Prophet of Peace

Many observers stereotype Islam and its scripture as inherently extreme or violent-a narrative that has overshadowed the truth of its roots. In this masterfully told account, pre-eminent Middle East expert Juan Cole takes us back to Islam’s-and the Prophet Muham-mad’s-origin story. Cole shows how Muham-mad came of age in an era of unparalleled violence. The eastern Roman Empire and the Sasanian Empire of Iran fought savagely throughout the Near East and Asia Minor.
Muhammad’s profound distress at the carnage of his times led him to envision an alternative movement, one firmly grounded in peace. The religion Muhammad founded, Islam, spread widely during his lifetime, relying on soft power instead of military might, and sought armistices even when militarily attacked. Cole sheds light on this for-gotten history, reminding us that in the Qur’an, the legacy of that spiritual message endures.