You ViewsVolume 12 Issue # 14

Pakistani film industry

THE government has decided to allow the screening of international films, which means Indian content, which was banned earlier, can now be shown in Pakistani cinemas. The ban on Indian content was a good step to promote the Pakistani film industry. We are destroying our own industry by allowing screening Indian movies in Pakistan. Ashar Azeem, the writer and a hero of the Pakistani movie Maalik, said: “We don’t say we can compete against the Indian industry, but at least give us a platform to stand in competition. Our own Pakistani cinemas show Indian movies more than Pakistani movies if both are released on the same date.”

Our industry can produce the best in the world, but this can only be possible if it is provided a chance to do so. When Indian movies were banned, Pakistani movies were getting a great response. It was a clear signal that the survival of Pakistani cinema does not depend on Indian movies. We can even survive in a better way if we show only Pakistani movies. Banning Indian movies is not a solution, but let them be banned till our own industry is strong enough to compete against them.

Talat Aziz Rustamani