You ViewsVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 20

Power outages

Despite producing more power than its needs, Pakistan’s loadshedding problem remains unchanged. The situation is worse in Karachi, the commercial hub, where many areas face power breakdowns amid soaring temperatures, and are out of electricity for about half the day.

While the majority of the people cannot afford to have power backup systems, such as generators and UPS, those who have it are no different as these machines cannot work for such a long duration. At a time when the world has shifted online, students are learning through devices and people are working from home, these breakdowns come at a price. Students are finding it hard to catch up in their online classes, while adults are struggling to keep up with their work and meet deadlines. The government is well aware about the importance of uninterrupted power supply during this pandemic. It is requested to take appropriate steps and save the people from further misery.

Laiba Khan