LifestyleVolume 12 Issue # 22

Quick ways to a sparkling home

Go green by using eco-friendly ingredients to concoct cleaning potions, here are a few cleaning hacks that produce sparkling results. Hack #1:Citrus- Vinegar Spray For Spiffing Surfaces You’ll Need: Distilled White Vinegar (64-ounce) One Orange Three Lemons Jar Spray Bottle

Not your average spiffing up spray, but can be used everywhere.You can also use it for cleaning smudges, for wiping down countertops, for mirrors and windows, and also for de-gunking greasy stovetops.

How To: first peel the very outer layer of the citrus and put the pieces into a jar — the peels should ideally fill half the jar. Fill the rest of it with white vinegar to infuse the oils from the peels into the vinegar. Transfer it to a spray bottle after four or five days, spritz as necessary, and then wipe down any home surface that needs a little spiffing up. Hack #2: Micro You’ll Need: Heinz Distilled White Vinegar (64-ounce)

Paper Towels One Lemon How to: Grab a microwave-safe bowl from your and fill it with 1/2 cup of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and the juice of one lemon (to absorb the smells). Place it inside your microwave, and let it run for three minutes. After the timer goes off, wait a few minutes before opening the door and removing the hot bowl. Then, grab a paper towel and wipe up the loosened gunk from all sides of the microwave, including the door.

Hack #3: Stainless Wood Cutting Board You’ll Need: Pure Baking Soda (2-pound) One Lemon

Salt (3-pound) How to:

For dull or stained wooden cutting boards, this easy scrub helps restore their rich colour.Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda across your cutting board, in a light layer. Rub a halved lemon until it lifts the stains. Rinse off the board and pat dry.Great way to sanitise the board and get rid of germs as well. Hack #4: Polish Stainless Steel Sink Restore shine to a lifeless sink, stainless-steel fridges and stovetop ranges as an alternative to chemical cleaners.

You’ll Need:

One heaped tablespoon of baking soda Two Lemons juiced How To:

Combine thebaking soda and the lemon juice in a bowl to form a paste. Dip a paper towel or sponge into thepaste, scrub the water spots and gunk off of the walls and bottom of your stainless steel sink. Rinse the sink down once you’ve gotten the whole thing good and pasty. Hack #5: Use a Vinegar Towel Soak for a Sparkling Faucet You’ll Need:

Distilled White Vinegar (64-ounce) Kitchen Paper Towels How To:

This one hack is simple and super-effective for restoring the luster to a faded faucet.Just soak three or four kitchen paper towels in white vinegar, and wrap them around your entire faucet. Unwrap after two or three minutes. Wipe it dry with a clean paper towel to reveal a shiny faucet! Alternatively, you can also use the citrus vinegar spray to wipe spots off with a cloth or paper towel. Hack #6: Streak-free Tub With Citrus You’ll Need:

Salt (3 lb) One Grapefruit Baking Soda How To:

A great alternative to more powerful household cleaners is taking half a grapefruit, sprinkling it with salt, and scrubbing the walls of the tub. Tougher stains may require a little bit of baking soda (and some serious scrubbing), but light streaks should dissolve easily to reveal a smooth finish.