You ViewsVolume 14 Issue # 01

Tax culture

APROPOS the tax amnesty forms, I would add that the just ended tax amnesty scheme won public support and helped to bring back money to the national kitty from tax havens by paying marginal taxes.

One prays that the efforts being made to promote tax culture in the country will yield positive results. The Federal Board of Revenue’s website has facilitated taxpayers to learn about online filing procedures. In this regard online video tutorials, brochures and notes are provided in English and Urdu to help citizens file returns.

The tax amnesty form included rows and columns with a clear indication of different heads of income which calculates the tax due automatically. Moreover, tutorials were also available on Youtube.

It is also appreciable that the FBR decided to incorporate the services of private banks to collect taxes. This measure will facilitate taxpayers to pay taxes in a hassle-free manner through ATM cards and other modern means of branchless banking.

Instead of being dependent on lawyers to file returns, it is better to adopt change and familiarise oneself with online tax filing methods.

Syed Zakir Ali