Book ReviewVolume 13 Issue # 21

The House of Islam: A Global History

“Islam began as a stranger,” said the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), “and one day, it will again return to being a stranger.” The gulf between Islam and the West is widening. A faith rich with strong values and traditions, ob-served by nearly two billion people across the world, is seen by the West as something to be feared rather than understood. Sensational headlines and hard-line policies spark enmity, while ignoring the feelings, narratives and perceptions that preoccupy Mus-lims today. Wise and authoritative, The House of Islam seeks to provide entry to the minds and hearts of Muslims the world over. It introduces us to the fairness, kindness and mercy of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH); the aims of sharia law, through commentary on scripture, to provide an ethical basis to life; the beauty of Islamic art and the permeation of the divine in public spaces; and the tension between mysticism and literal-ism that still threatens the House of Islam. The decline of the Muslim world and the current crises of leadership mean that a glorious past, full of intellectual nobility and purpose, is now exploited by extremists and channelled into acts of terror.