Health/Sci-TechVolume 12 Issue # 14

The Little Eatery – A Foodie’s Review

Last weekend my cousin came over from Islamabad and wanted me to take her out for dinner to a good place in town. So I took her out for some Pan Asian cuisine. We first went to TheRice Bowlbut they were extremely busy and had to refuse us. Then we tried to find a table at the Bamboo Union but they also couldn’t arrange a table for us, since it was a Saturday and dinnertime. We were about to go home but my cousin pointed towards this relatively new place and suggested that we should try it out. Located right next to The Bamboo Union, we made our way to the Little Eatery.

Upon entering we were warmly welcomed by the manager. He seated us and landed us the menu.I was quite impressed by it since they had a variety of entrees listed. As we were extremely hungry, we quickly placed our order for the main course itself. My cousin ordered a Chicken Mushroom Risotto, which she had long been looking for at an eatery in Pakistan, and was pretty ecstatic to finally find it. Whereas, I decided to order their Chicken Bellagio, since the description seemed very appetizing.

The food arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and was presented very courteously. Now coming to the most important part, the food, the Bellagio Chicken that I had ordered was well cooked, and was covered with the perfect golden crust, served on a bed of pasta and pesto sauce. I must admit that it was one the most delicious chicken entrees that I had tried in recent times. The chicken was well cooked; the pesto sauce was oozing with flavour and seemed freshly prepared. My cousin was also extremely pleased with her risotto as it had the perfect creamy texture and tasted delightful. She was so pleased with her meal that she asked me that whenever she comes to Lahore she wants to have this very risotto.

Our overall experience at the Little Eaterywas extremely satisfying and pleasant; we were actually happy that we couldn’t get a place at the aforementioned eateries, as we would have missed out on such great food and service. My advise to all of you would be to go there at least once, and enjoy the amazing food and cozy ambience.