NationalVolume 13 Issue # 12

The real conspirators

Every inimical thing, which becomes an instrument to devalue and collapse a society and state, is occurring in Pakistan. Political manoeuvrings, religious rallies, protests against the ruling elite’s plunder and apathy, marches against injustice, corruption, unemployment , killings of innocent girls after being raped, fake and staged encounters by police,  dharnas  against the government’s anti-people, anti-religious and anti-state policies, suicides due to poverty, helplessness, social and economic disparity, tremendous increase in foreign debts, extremism and illiteracy, incessant explosions and bomb blasts by militants, American President Trump’s threats, sanctions and drone attacks, India’s anti-Pakistani policies and ‘unprovoked firing’ across the Line of Control (LoC) by Indian troops have put the state of Pakistan in a very precarious situation.
Even, Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N’s leader and former prime minister, is threatening the state and its institutions, especially the judiciary and the army, openly and relentlessly. He has literary become a “security threat” by declaring that Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was a pro-Pakistani leader and patriot. But, the state institutions turned him into a traitor. To save his political power, the Sharif family and cover his corruption, Nawaz Sharif is distorting history shamelessly. It is very sad, pathetic and ironic that a former prime minister is not accepting Sheikh Mujibur Rehman as a traitor who conspired with India to dismember the country. Even, Indian prime minister Modi has categorically announced that India gave help to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for creating Bangla Desh.  Many Indian officials and thinkers have already declared Nawaz Sharif as “an Indian asset”, who is protecting India’s  interests in Pakistan and the region. Nawaz Sharif’s silence on the arrest of the RAW spy Kulboshan, Dawn Leaks and, now, such anti-Pakistan remarks corroborate their views.
In fact, after being removed from the office of prime minister by the SC in the Panama case, Nawaz Sharif is threatening that he could tread the Sheikh Mujibur Rehman’s path if the apex court does not take its decision back.  Addressing a gathering in Haripur, Nawaz Sharif repeated his sharp criticism of the judiciary and attacked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan. Referring to his disqualification by the Supreme Court, he said: “Five judges threw Nawaz Sharif out, but the people’s court elected him again. Double standards of justice are unacceptable. Justice will be served if it remains the same for the rich, for the poor and for the prime minister.”
In response, the PTI chief Imran Khan has criticised Nawaz Sharif for manipulating the judiciary to get a verdict in his favour . In his messages on twitter, Imran said: “NS’s (Nawaz Sharif) problem is he has always played with his own umpires and wanted a judge like Justice Qayyum whom he could influence on writing a judgement. Hence SC decision traumatised him and has led him to carry out a campaign attacking the country’s superior judiciary”. In another tweet, Imran said, “Now the motive behind NS’s public meetings has become evident with his declaration that the SC will have to take back their decision on his disqualification. He [Nawaz] is seeking to build public pressure and in the process has let slip the fake sincerity in his desperate cry: Mujhe kyun nikala.”
There is no doubt that the apex court’s decision has traumatised Nawaz Sharif and many other leaders of the PML-N who are, now, taking very irrational steps and decisions. In spite of telling the sources of Nawaz Sharif and Sharif family’s fortune and answering the questions of the SC, they are maliging the court by terming the decision as a conspiracy against the government and Sharif family. The PML-N has itself changed the Khatmee Nobawat article in the constitution but when the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allaha staged a dharna against it, the party leadership labelled it as a conspiracy against democracy. The Punjab police have killed 14 innocent people, including women, and injured around 100 others belonging to the PAT in Model Town. The JIT report clearly blames the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, Law Minister Rana Sana ullah and other police officers for these killings, but when the PAT launched a protest , the government declared it as a conspiracy against the democratic system.
Now, the PML-N is terming the change of government in Balochistan , the PAT’s Lahore protest in which erstwhile opponents, the PPP and the PTI also participated, the NAB’s notices in cases “involving land scams in Lahore, the Multan Motorway, the mystery of the 56 companies that were created out of nowhere, and the insider trading scam in the Bank of Punjab”, the SC’s suo moto notices against the killings of little girls, including Zainab, after being raped in Kasur, the poor conditions of the hospitals, the contaminated drinking water, the closure of roads in front of the homes of powerful people for security, fake police encounters, etc., as a conspiracy against the government, democracy and the country.
In fact, Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N are using the word “conspiracy” to conceal their corruption and bad governance. Everyone knows that the PML-N’s Punjab government uses the police force to control and tame their opponents. Shahbaz Sharif has allegedly used the police even to kill the people in Model Town. Recently, the Kasur police have killed three innocent people who were protesting against the rape and killing of Zainab. The Punjab police’s incompetency, brutality and corruption can be seen in the Kasur’s child sexual killings and scandal since 2015.
To get justice, the parents of eight girls who had been raped and murdered in Kasur since 2015 have appeared before the Supreme Court on 21 January and pleaded for justice.  “Give us justice,” the parents ─ including those of six-year-old Zainab whose body was found in a trash heap on January 9 ─ pleaded before a three-member bench of the apex court, according to news reports. The bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, was hearing a suo moto case on the grisly rape and murder of the six-year-old that shocked the nation this month.  During the hearing, the bench expressed its dissatisfaction over the progress of the investigation into Zainab’s murder.  “An unspeakable crime has been committed against an innocent girl,” the bench remarked. Muhammad Idrees, the regional police officer of Multan and head of the joint investigation team probing the case, submitted to the court a report on the investigations. He said that Zainab’s case is the latest in eight similar incidents of assault and murder since 2015. The bench remarked that if the police had taken the matter seriously in 2015, eight girls could have been saved.
In reality, Nawaz Sharif and the Sharif family and the corrupt ruling elite are the real conspirators against the country and the democratic system. Shaheen Sehbai writes:  “If democracy and the corrupt jokers pursuing it keep extracting its revenge, do nothing positive, keep on drilling chainsaws in the body politics, turn it into a mummy and nobody stops the rout in time, how will this country be saved from implosion — economic, existential, physical, societal, and even geographic? Someone has to explain. Someone has try and save it”!
Nawaz Sharif wants to become Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and only the apex court can save Pakistan by stopping him from indulging in anti-state activities.