You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 03

Unsafe fuel trucks

SOME 12,000 tankers are being used for transporting petroleum products. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority estimates that 85 per cent of the 12,000 road tankers are not complying with the prescribed safety standards.

Each one has a potential of killing hundreds of people as we witnessed in Ahmedpur East. If these trucks have one accident per 365 days, it corresponds to over 10,000 a year. This is equal to 28 accidents a day.

If one per cent of these 28 accidents are serious, we will have casualties every fourth day. Although we see and hear about such accidents every other day, the drivers, owners and oil companies get away scot-free. No one is punished and life goes on.

We must give some deadline to get these trucks certified according to safety rules and regulations.

The Pakistan Railways handles two per cent of the total cargo. Can’t we transport more oil by introducing more goods trains to phase out road transport?

Nayyar Iqbal Raza