InternationalVolume 13 Issue # 18

US designs in Syria

Recent airstrikes by the United State and its allies in Syria on the pretext of targeting its alleged chemical gas labs have exposed their designs and Arab financers. The strikes came at a time when the Syria army had besieged the fleeing militants in their last refuge and was about to take them out, which was against the plan of the international forces. They struck to protect the terrorists and frustrate the Syrian forces in their efforts to restore peace in the country.


The use of chemical weapons or gas in war is inhuman. It becomes more heinous when a government uses them against its own people. The US and its allies attempted to fool the whole world through the media that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons on its own people in its fight against terrorists. However, it is hard to believe that Syria would use chemical weapons against its people, or even the militants, because its forces had besieged them and blocked their escape routes in their last haven. Almost two-thirds of the militants had already left the region after safe passage was provided to them following an agreement. The security forces had superiority over their enemy on the ground and in the air. In this situation, it had no reason to use chemical weapons against them. If the weapons were used, they might have been used by the militants, because they were fighting for their survival. If investigated, the weapons might have been provided to them by the US and its allies. The world has reason to suspect the machinations of the US and its allies. After all, they targeted Iraq and Saddam Hussein on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, which never existed. Also remember, that when Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons in the Iran-Iraq war, the US turned a blind eye to it, because the latter was backing Iraq against Iran.


Syria was a peaceful and progressing country until a decade ago. Its universities and healthcare were far better than in the rest of the region. It had a wide network of rail and road. Muslims of all sects lived in harmony. It was not a closed or tribal society, like the rest of the region and women could drive and work in government and private organizations. The situation started changing after the so-called Arab Spring, which aimed to garner some benefits for the US and its allies in the region. Some people started demonstrations against the Syrian government but mammoth gatherings countered them. The anti-government protesters turned violent under a plan and paved the way for international intervention, which was the prime motive of the protesters. Like Afghanistan, militants from all over the world were funded and brought to Syria to fight a jihad, so that the US and its allies could achieve their targets in the region.


The US is trying to convince the world it is fighting a war to dislodge the dictatorship of President Bashar al-Assad and bring democracy to Syria. The war is being funded by two Arab countries, which have invested billions of dollars for disturbance in Syria in the name of sectarianism. The US should also tell the world how many elections have been held in the Arab countries, namely, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which are sponsoring the war. Are they themselves democracies? Are they not themselves monarchies? The two Arab countries have invested billions of dollars to bring democracy to Syria but are not willing to provide the same system of government to their own people. They should have brought democracy to their own countries if they were so sincere about the welfare of the people of Syria.


If the US and its allies succeed in their efforts to protect the militants and bring them to power in Syria, will they make it a modern and democratic state? They have let loose havoc on the people in the areas of their control. They burnt people, drowned them and trampled them under their tanks. They raped and sold women. They attacked shrines and hurt the feelings of all sects of Muslims of the world. They were summoned from different parts of the world for jihad in Syria and paid for it. Their reign only added to hatred of Muslims and Islam in the world. They have destroyed the country and if they have used chemical weapons or gas, it is not surprising. They can go to any length for their survival. There will also be no surprise if it is found that the US and its allies provided chemical weapons or gas to the terrorists.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad might have made many mistakes but the war is clearly not for democracy. The US and its allies want a perpetual war and crisis in the country. They have planned to hand over the country to warring groups to weaken it and smother a potential threat to Israel. Before the foreign intervention, the Syrian army was the strongest in the region and could face the Israeli armed forces. Its political leadership was strong enough to challenge Israeli hegemony. By unleashing destruction, Syria was given a message that whosoever stands up to the US designs will suffer the same fate. The Syrian forces and people have made huge sacrifices for their country. They have almost succeeded in their fight against Daesh and other militant groups. The whole world should have been thankful to them for dealing effectively against the worst terrorists of human history.


The international forces and their Arab financers were disturbed over the successes of the Syrian forces and people against the militants as peace looked imminent in the country. When Hama was cleared completely and the militants were about to be taken out from their last hideout, Douma, the international forces struck. They targeted it on the pretext of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its own people, at a time when a UN team had already reached Damascus to probe the allegations. The airstrikes of the US, France and Britain have not only laid bare their designs, but also exposed their local financers who have invested billions of dollars for disruption of peace in Syria. They attacked Syria to save their investment.


It appears the US and its allies have not learnt any lesson in Afghanistan. They founded and funded the Taliban and al-Qaeda, which later turned their guns on them. History will repeat itself after the militants reach their countries after a failed or successful jihad in Syria. Most of them were from the West and many have already reached their countries after they were provided safe passage by the Syrian government. They will not sit idle and would continue to remind the US and its allies of their blunder in years to come.