You ViewsVolume 13 Issue # 10

US hegemony

THETrump administration’s first foreign policy announcement — as far as Pakistan is concerned — is more or less the same as that of his predecessor. Pakistan has once again been made the scapegoat and is expected to sacrifice its national interests for Washington.

President Donald Trump — as expected — is bent upon ensuring America’s hegemony and countering China and Russia. This is more of the same strategy America practised during the Cold War. The sole US objective for its presence in Afghanistan for its so-called “war on terror” is to make trouble for Beijing and Moscow and deny them access to the natural resources in their vicinity.

Pakistan’s relations with Washington these days are frosty to put it mildly and likely to become colder owing to what the US expects from friends. It is not possible for Pakistan to implement Washington’s “do more” mantra.

Islamabad will do well to remember that the long-term US plan is to oppose the One Belt One Road initiative, more specifically CPEC. Moreover, Washington’s protectionist policies are against the global transformation of trade initiatives taken by Chinese President Xi Jingping.

Jalil Raza