You ViewsVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 11

Vice-Admiral Ahmad Tasnim

Vice-Admiral Ahmad Tasnim, a decorated Pakistan Navy veteran, made a name for himself in the annals of military history as a daring, determined and valiant sailor. While serving as the commanding officer of submarine PNS Hangor, he sank Indian navy’s anti-submarine frigate INS Khukri along with its commanding officer and 194 crew members, and crippled INS Kirpan during the historical military saga of 1971. The triumphant submarine PNS Hangor is still on display at the Pakistan Navy Maritime Museum in Karachi. This was the first submarine kill since World War II.

The spectacular action took place on Dec 9, 1971, about 30 miles south of Diu off the Indian coast, making the day memorable which is celebrated as Hangor Day in the Pakistan Navy each year. The vice-admiral had participated in the 1965 war as second-in-command of submarine PNS Ghazi which, while deployed in enemy waters, bottled up the bulk of Indian navy, making it possible for Pakistan Navy flotilla to bombard and destroy military installations of Dwarka. He is the sole admiral who is awarded Sitara-i-Jurrat twice which indeed is a rare distinction. He proved himself a great warrior in a great country with great catastrophe taking place around him. While the navy recently commemorated Hangor Day, the nation should also salute and remember him for his heroic ventures.

Mrs F. Herekar