You ViewsVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 11

Whither Karachi package?

The recently-announced Karachi package worth Rs1,100 billion remains a mystery for the people, for no development can be seen in the metropolis since its announcement. It was quite impressive that the prime minister announced such a package in a hurry and people were hopeful of a positive outcome.

Unfortunately, the package met the same fate as several other packages announced in the past. While the relief for residents remains out of sight, their miseries continue to rise with each passing day. Most roads in the city are still damaged, and sewers overflow with no one to rectify the fault. Sewerage water gets mixed with the drinking water due to broken pipelines in some areas, leading to contamination and causing great trouble for the residents. While many areas face a similar situation, North Karachi Sector 11-A, in particular, is in a deplorable state.

Heaps of garbage continue to lie on roads as no arrangement has so far been made to clear them. The poor transport system is unable to meet the demand of the city’s growing population. The public transport arrangement in Karachi, which should be better than Lahore or Islamabad, remains neglected by the government. The federal government should work in collaboration with the provincial government to address the lingering problems of the metropolis. The people would like to see the implementation of the development programme. In the meantime, the government must take some hands-on steps on an urgent basis instead of adopting delaying tactics.


Muhammad Ayub