Book ReviewLifestyleVOLUME 16 ISSUE # 19

Amazon Unbound

From the bestselling author of The Everything Store, an unvarnished picture of Amazon’s unprece-dented growth and its billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, revealing the most important business story of our time.
With the publication of The Every-thing Store in 2013, Bloomberg journalist Brad Stone revealed how the unlikely Seattle start-up Amazon became an unexpected king of ecommerce. Since then, its founder has led Amazon to ex-plosive growth in both size and wealth. In less than ten years, Amazon has quintupled the size of its workforce and increased its valuation to well over a trillion dollars. Whereas Amazon used to sell only books, there is now little they don’t sell, becoming the world’s largest online retailer and pushing into other markets at warp speed. Between Amazon’s forty subsidiaries – like Whole Foods Market, Amazon Studios in Hollywood, websites like Goodreads and IMDb, and Amazon Web Services cloud software unit, plus Bezos’s pur-chase of the Washington Post – it’s almost impossible to go a day without encountering their goods. Amazon provides us opportunities to shop, entertain, inform, communicate, store and, one day, maybe even travel to the moon. We live in a world run, supplied and con-trolled by Amazon.